Rookie Girl Group Members Revealed To Have Been Injured Due To Car Accident

Their agency explained it in a statement.

Rookie girl group, Girl’s Alert (aka GSA), had suffered a car accident yesterday on July 2, where members Saetbyeol and Gooseul had sustained injuries. They had finished practicing and were on their way back to their dorm around 8:40 pm when a Mercedes Benz car crashed into their vehicle.

The Mercedes Benz driver was revealed to have driven recklessly and was looking down at their phone when he hit Girl’s Alert’s car.

The car accident occurred because the other driver was looking at their phone. It was a minor accident so we didn’t call the police and reported it to our insurance companies.

— Roots Entertainment

Although the car crash wasn’t severe, their entertainment agency explained that Saetbyeol may have to be hospitalized due to her injuries.

Gooseul wasn’t injured badly so she will receive minor treatments once her schedules are finished, but Saetbyeol may have to be hospitalized.

— Roots Entertainment

Girl’s Alert debuted in 2017 and had gained attention for one of their members setting a new standard by weighing 60kg, instead of the normal ~50kg that female idols are expected to weigh.

Source: Kyunghyang