Girls From All Over China Are Gathering To Take Part In This Official “Breast Contest”

China’s looking for the next nude body double for actresses.

One of China’s largest film studios is searching for its next nude body double by holding an official breast model contest, and women from all over the country are taking part.

The first-ever breast model competition was organized by Hengdian World Studios, a massive movie-making studio often referred to as “Chinawood”.

Women from more than a dozen universities across China participated in the contest with the hopes of being hired by the studio as a body double for any actresses uncomfortable with showing their bodies on camera.

Dressed in sexy swimsuits, the busty women went through several challenges, all which included doing something with their breasts – including smushing balloons and holding smartphones in their bosoms.

The winner, an unnamed woman reportedly from Chongqing in southwest China, will earn about 10,000 yuan ($1,591) per day.

The girls who sadly didn’t take home the grand prize will still have the chance to compete in the annual International Breast Model Contest in Anhui province sometime later this year.

The controversial yearly competition has been running since 2010 and is hosted by a local plastic surgery clinic.

In 2015, a woman who had breast augmentation surgery won the competition, causing arguments over whether those with implants should be allowed to participate.

Last year a 23-year-old from Anui province, Liu Qianqian, won the competition with only B-cup sized breasts.

She said the contest wasn’t unfairly judged on bra size alone since she was ‘probably’ the smallest size in the 11 finalists.

While some find the competition empowering to women, others think the whole event is offensive, calling the entire judging criteria “shallow”.

The competition’s co-organiser, Huamei Plastic Surgery Group, provided a list of criteria which included ‘body proportions, manner, knowledge span and degree of confidence’.

The company said they hoped the pageant could spread the correct message of ‘beautiful breasts’ and raise breast cancer awareness.

Source: Medium