Girl’s Day donates 10 million won towards Nepal disaster relief

Girl group Girl’s Day is giving a helping hand to the victims of the recent disaster earthquake in Nepal, donating 10 million won towards the relief.

On May 1st, a representative from Red Cross revealed, “Girl’s Day has donated 10 million won to Red Cross to help the earthquake victims in Nepal.”

Girl’s Day is well known for their voluntary work and other good deeds, and have already expressed their concern for the people of Nepal. They were quoted saying, “The people in Nepal have lost their family and friends in this sudden earthquake, so we decided to make a donation as a group to help them get back on their feet. With our contribution, we hope we hope that Nepal returns to their original state before the earthquake a little faster.”

On her own Instagram, member Minah had asked for her follows to pray for Nepal.

The Korean Red Cross is set to depart for Nepal to assist in the relief on May 4th. They have already garnered over 100 billion won in public donations.

Source: 10Asia