Girls’ Day Hyeri Opens Up About Competing Against Seolhyun At Box Office

They’re being compared for their multiple similarities.

Girls’ Day Hyeri is busy promoting her debut film, “Monstrom”, which debuted this week at the box office. This is her first film as an actress, as well as her first time filming a historical genre.


AOA‘s Seolhyun also happens to be busy promoting her latest film, “The Great Battle”, where she stars alongside Jo In Sung, Nam Joo Hyuk, and more. Her film is also set in historical times and is set to release next week.


As two popular female idol-turned-actresses featuring in similar movies during similar times, a comparison between the two couldn’t be avoided by the general public.


Well, Hyeri doesn’t care about the comparisons. She revealed in an interview that she doesn’t personally know Seolhyun, but she’s a fan! Hyeri’s actually glad to have a fellow colleague to share the experience together.

“I don’t personally know Seolhyun but I watch her projects as a fan. I don’t think about how we’ll be compared. Instead, I’m very glad that I have someone who I can relate to.”

— Hyeri


She hopes that Seolhyun and she can support each other to fight against the prejudices about idols-turned-actors.

“There can be prejudices towards idols. I feel like Seolhyun can become a friend who can help me break those prejudices.”

— Hyeri


Hyeri only had love and support for her fellow idol and believes Seolhyun probably feels the same way too!

“I also hope Seolhyun does well. I haven’t personally talked with her yet, but I think she’ll understand how I feel and that I support her.”

— Hyeri

Source: Sports Seoul

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