Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Donates To Provide Young Girls With Hygiene Products For Her Birthday

This is something we can all learn from.

Recently, the UNICEF Korea Committee announced that Girl’s Day’s Hyeri had donated 50 million KRW (~ $44,785 USD) for her birthday. The funds will be used towards the we=she campaign, which provides hygiene products for girls.

Hyeri commented, “I learned that there are still so many young girls in the world who encounter difficulties during their period, with some being discriminated due to customs that find it impure. My heart hurt the most when I heard that some girls would skip school because there were no separate bathrooms for girls. I hope to provide even a bit of support so that young girls can grow in a safe and clean environment.”

The secretary general of the UNICEF Korean Committee stated, “Hyeri sent a heartwarming gift for her birthday. Although she is the youngest member of the Honors Club, her consideration for those around her is deeper and wider than anyone else. She is a role model for me and the employees. The funds will be used carefully to provide a safe and clean world for girls in developing countries.”

Previously, Hyeri donated 100 million KRW (~$89,626 USD) to Schools For Asia, an education program for Asian children in 2019, making her the youngest member of UNICEF’s Honors Club.

On the other hand, the UNICEF Korean Committee is carrying out fundraising and child rights advocacy activities on behalf of UNICEF in Korea.

Source: sports khan

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