Girls’ Day Hyeri Just Won The Lottery While Live On TV

GirlsDay Hyeri just won the lottery on live broadcast, shocking everyone including herself.

Hyeri appeared on the TV Show “The New Yang Nam Show” as they were giving out lottery tickets to all special guests. While most did not expect anyone to win, Hyeri ended up winning a huge prize on live broadcast.

After receiving the lottery ticket, Hyeri realizes that she’s won the grand prize of ₩20,000,000 ($17,672 USD) and cannot believe her luck. At first, she believes it’s a prank but the hosts reveal that it’s absolutely true.

Her agency also released a statement, confirming that Hyeri won the lottery:

“Yes, it is indeed true that Hyeri won ₩20,000,000. It was not a prank and she did win it by chance.”

DreamT Entertainment

Check out the amazing video of Hyeri finding out she won the lottery!

Source: Dispatch