Girl’s Day Minah Reveals She Told Herself This Shockingly Untrue Lie During Her Hiatus

But she believes it as truth.

Girl’s Day Minah recently sat down with ESQUIRE for an interview about her career as an idol, actress, and entertainer. She revealed that she did some soul searching during her 2 hiatus to find her true identity outside of work.


During her exploration to find the “Human Minah”, she revealed that she told herself that she’s not a special person. She believes it’s important to tell herself that in this cut-throat industry.

It’s not important whether I have something special about myself or not. I think it’s important to think, ‘I’m not special.’

— Minah


But fans are 100% in disagreement with her statement! They clarified that Minah is more than special, which makes her statement a complete lie!


Minah has been successful as an artist as she was a key player in helping Girl’s Day become the legendary girl group that it is today!


She was also recently cast as the main female lead for My Absolute Boyfriend, which airs every Wednesday at 10 pm on SBS!


If a talented and beautiful person like yourself isn’t considered “special”, what does that make the rest of us?!

Source: Star Today

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