Girl’s Day Minah and Son Heung Min revealed to have broken up

Korean media portals have begun reporting that the Girl’s Day Minah and soccer star Son Heung Min couple have officially broken up after only a few months of dating.

Bang Minah and Son Heungmin, who had been dating since earlier this year in July, have reportedly ended their relationship. Dream T Entertainment confirmed that the two have only met each other twice while they were dating. The two met as they were both fans of each other and formed a friendship through social media which later on developed into a relationship.

During the relationship, Minah revealed that she was worried for both her members of Girl’s Day and Heung Min, who was about to start his next season.

As Minah preformed with her group, Girl’s Day, and Heung Min flew to Germany to play for the Bayer 04 Leverkusen, the two naturally grew distant from each other due to the distance and busy schedules.

Heung Min’s side admitted that the couple had last met each other in July due to Heung Min’s busy schedule for soccer in Korea. It was true that both sides had feelings for each other, but they naturally grew distant and broke up.

Source: Ilgan Sports