Girl’s Day promises to ride Hyeri like a horse if they reach #1

Girl’s Day shared and made a promise to fans on a recent broadcast of the Cultwo Show during their appearance on the radio show on July 6th.

Just before releasing the music video to the public, they made their first appearance on the SBS Power FM radio show and teased viewers with some of the moves for the track, including the highlight choreography.

The highlight choreography, revealed Girl’s Day, is one that mimic’s riding a horse prompting the MC to ask them what their first place promise is. Meaning that should they hit #1, they will do a fan service for fans.

Girl’s Day answered, “We’ll all ride horses.”

When asked with the question, “Where will you ride the horses,” Sojin volunteers Hyeri and said, “I’ll dress up Hyeri as a horse.”

Hyeri complained, “She decided without asking me,” with the members joking, “Horses don’t talk,” bringing the studio into laughter.

Will Girl’s Day actually go through with it? They recently just achieved an all-kill on online charts with “Ring My Bell” on July 7th at 9am KST.

Source: TV Report