Girl’s Day to promote as a group in the 2nd trimester of 2015

The nation’s darling quartet Girl’s Day are expected to make a comeback as a group for the first time in 9 months!

Girl’s Day’s company Dream T Entertainment has released a plan for Girl’s Day’s activity schedule in 2015, revealing that the members will be expected to promote individually until April, when a comeback is most likely set.

Dream T has went on to express the level of priority placed upon individual activities, which have been of much help in elevating Girl’s Day to the top ranks of the K-pop hierarchy within a year.

The past half year has definitely proved this thesis to be a solid theory with the members excelling in all that they have been doing individually. In particular, youngest member Hyeri caused the biggest commotion with her famous “resistance aegyo” during her appearance on MBC Real Men’s “Female Soldier Special.” She has then gone onto participating in 10 different endorsements since then, with her earnings being estimated to be around 200,000,000 won. She is currently working on her acting skills, having landed a highly anticipated supporting role in SBS’s current Wednesday-Thursday drama Hyde, Jekyll, Me, alongside Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min.

Leader Sojin has also been busy with making advances in her acting career, with a role on SBS’s Here Comes Family! She initially started gaining interest as an actress with her role in 2014’s TV Chosun drama The Greatest Marriage.

Yura has also been on everyone’s radars as one of We Got Married‘s most popular couples to date, with virtual husband Hong Jong Hyun. The pair has been garnering attention for their flawless on-screen chemistry, cute couple antics and astounding likeability. They have essentially become the model couple, and with a whole nation’s eye upon them, it is highly unlikely that they will be leaving any time soon.

However, lead vocalist Minah has spent much of the latter half of 2014 recovering from injuries acquired from her appearance on SBS’s Eco Village. She has expressed her wishes to take advantage of this recovery period to take a well-deserved rest, reassuring fans that she will be in top condition in time for the group’s comeback.

Dream T has released no more than their planned schedule for the year, stating, “We’re in the midst of speculating what sort of concept the upcoming album is to offer. However, we can guarantee that just as Girl’s Day was able to gain mass popularity last year, we will back with an upgrade to another level.”

Source: Sport Chosun