Girl’s Day Reportedly Disbanding At The End Of Their Contracts

Their contracts are due to expire this year.

With their contracts coming to an end, the Girl’s Day members are reportedly looking for new management.


Girl’s Day debuted back in 2010 and all four members renewed their contracts with their agency in 2017. Two years later, their contracts are due to expire and it looks as if they will not be renewing their contracts this time around.


According to numerous sources, the four members of the girl group are planning to leave Dream T Entertainment and work with new agencies independently in order to continue their careers in acting.

“The members want to work as actresses. As far as I know, they are in contact with agencies that manage actors rather than singers. The members are moving indendently rather than as a group.”

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The current activities of the members have seemingly hinted at this next move as all members have been advancing their careers not only in singing, but in acting and variety shows as well. While all four members are currently acting, Hyeri has achieved the most out of her acting career with her lead role in numerous dramas and even her recent film, Monstrum.


With their 9-year anniversary coming up in a couple of months, the legendary girl group arouses fans’ curiosity as to whether they will continue their group activities.

Source: Ilgan Sports and Spot TV News

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