Girl’s Day responds to controversy surrounding their MV teaser

As Girl’s Day released teasers for their new music video “Ring My Bell,” there was massive controversy over their appearance in swimsuits.

Many viewers stated, “Aren’t swimsuits too suggestive as performance outfit.” To this, Dream T Entertainment stated on the July 4th that they will not be wearing swimsuits on stage.

An official from the company stated, “The swimsuit fashion in ‘Ring My Bell’ teaser is simply a music video concept. They will not be performing in said swimsuits.”

Prior to the release of the music video teaser, Girl’s Day has been teasing fans as they released two image teaser for “Ring My Bell.” The two photos complemented each other as the first photo revealed a silhouette of the members while the second photo revealed the members out of the shadows.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day is scheduled to release the music video for “Ring My Bell” on July 7th while they will be releasing their 2nd album on July 6th.

Source: Herald Finance