Girl’s Day Yura Gives An Exclusive Look Into Her Personal Home And Netizens Were Completely Shocked

Her apartment is absolutely amazing!

Girl’s Day‘s Yura gave an exclusive viewing of her apartment for Seoul Mate 3. Before welcoming her foreign house guest, she revealed the luxurious apartment where she lives by herself!


The cast members were immediately amazed by how neat and tidy her apartment was! Her home featured a modern yet cozy interior with beautiful furniture that well complemented each other!


Her personal room was just the same as she kept things minimal while having a tint of her own coziness!


She revealed that she had turned her dressing room into a guest room for her friends and housemate, and it looked like a room from a five-star hotel!


Yura showed off her most “unique” room, which was her gaming room! She had multiple gaming PCs and her own gaming devices to create a “fun environment at home“!


But the most eye-catching piece in her whole place were the beautiful paintings that she drew herself!


Netizens quickly discovered that Yura lived in one of the most luxurious and expensive apartments in all of Seoul! She lives in Seoul Trimage, which is also home to top stars like BTS‘s J-Hope and Jungkook, Park Seo Joon and more!


Netizens also praised Yura for her well-kept home that perfectly matched her beautiful and bright personality!


All in all, everyone can agree that her home is a castle fit for a queen!

Source: Xports News

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