Girl’s Day Yura Rudely Ignored By Popular Female Rookie Idol 

Girl’s Day Yura revealed that she was once rudely ignored by a junior idol during a season of ISAC, and now she’s a popular idol.

An interview about her latest drama Radio Romance got Girl’s Day Yura comparing her role on screen to reality.


According to Yura, she and her character, Jin Tae Ri, is totally different in real life. For example, Jin Tae Ri is ruthless whenever juniors forget to say hello but Yura has a different story.


She recalled the time when a younger rookie idol forgot to greet her back during ISAC.

“It only happened once while filming for MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Contest. I met face to face with a junior while waiting for the toilet. I greeted her first but she ignored me. It was the first and last experience for me.” — Yura


When asked if it was a famous junior, she said yes most would people would know her.


There were a handful of female idols at the time so there’s no definite answer as to who blatantly ignored her but thankfully it was the only time Yura was disrespected by her juniors!


Yura has received praise for her recent ability to act so cold on Radio Romance, especially since she’s well known to be the warm, friendly senior to her K-Pop juniors!

Source: StarDaily

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