Girl’s Day’s Hyeri rises as advertisement agencies’ top choice for CF model

Could Hyeri of Girl’s Day be the next Suzy of miss A in the CF industry?

Since 2013, Suzy has been labelled as the “queen of CF’s” and “$10 million girl” with her frequent high-paid advertisement requests due to her massive popularity in Korea. Suzy has been involved with at least 30 different advertisements. However, it seems like Hyeri from Girl’s Day could be the second Suzy for her prompt rise in popularity after showing her adorable and cute “a~ing” aegyo on Real Men.

According to recent reports from CF agencies, the top choice CF model was not a hallyu star actress but girl group member, Hyeri, of Girl’s Day, receiving $1 million per CF. Many companies’ preference for Hyeri is based on three reasons. The CF agents grew tired of Suzy sweeping away the CF scene in Korea, Hyeri portrays a genuine and natural image rather than a possible pretentious girl group image, and finally she is part of the two hot issues in Korea, Real Men and Girl’s Day. 

CF agencies speculate, “You will see Hyeri in many CF’s for a while at least until the end of this year. It is known that she is continuously approached for many CF’s. But in order to maintain her popularity,  Hyeri needs something more than her appeal as a member of Girl’s Day and as a guest on Real Men. Unless she adapts, the preference for her as a CF model might be short lasting.”

Source: isplus