Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Shares How She Passed Her Audition On Her First Try

She was born to be a star.

Girl’s Day member and actress-on-the-rise Hyeri revealed how she was able to pass her auditions to debut with the group.

Hyeri | @hyeri_0609/Instagram

Hyeri was a guest on the recent October 19 episode of tvN’s You Quiz On The Block. In this episode, the idol shared how she was able to debut.

There was an unnie that I met through a contest. The unnie auditioned a lot, but one day was told that she needed one more person to audition. So I just went, and it turned out to be Girl’s Day’s label.

— Hyeri

The idol then revealed that despite singing and dancing for the audition, she later found out they played no role in her getting chosen.

I danced and sang to the songs I’ve always sung, but the CEO later revealed why I was chosen. He later told me, ‘I had never seen someone with a fce as small as yours.’

— Hyeri

Hyeri is well-known for her unreal proportions, and it seems the CEO knew she was a star when he saw her.

Hyeri would go on to debut with Girl’s Day and have an illustrious career as an idol. The group is beloved for hits such as “Something,” “I’ll Be Yours,” “Female President,” and “Darling.”

The idol would later transition into a career in acting, landing her breakout role in 2015 as Sung Deok Sun in Reply 1988, part of the beloved Reply series. Since then, she has starred in dramas such as  MoonshineMy Roommate Is A Gumiho, and Miss Lee.

Hyeri is also appearing in her new drama May I Help You, which aired its first episode on October 19. Check out the drama’s trailer in the link below!

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