Girl’s Day’s Hyeri tried to make her charity donation secret

It seems like no matter how much she tries to hide it, Hyeri’s charitable secret was eventually leaked! 

On February 4th, it was initially reported that the Girl’s Day singer and actress made a donation of 50 million won as part of the coming Lunar New Year celebrations. However, it was later on discovered that Hyeri intended the donation to be a secret and made the donation under her real name to avoid detection.

Dream Tea Entertainment confirmed this in a statement saying, “Hyeri donated 50 million won. As to how and where Hyeri donated the amount, even the agency did not know at the time.” The agency added that they understood why the singer and actress wanted to donate it secretly as it was a present following her recent advertising shoot.

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri received a lot of love for her individual activities last year following the success of Reply 1988. Since then, she is receiving a lot of love calls from various agencies. This year, however, Hyeri is set to join Girl’s Day for their upcoming promotions in Japan.

Source: OBS