Girls’ Day’s Minah returns to filming SBS’ “Eco Village – Merry House” following hiatus

Girls’ Day‘s Minah has returned to the set of SBS‘ Eco Village – Merry House after a two month hiatus, and was reported to have filmed with no further problems.

According to SBS officials on February 18th, Minah filmed for the upcoming episodes of Merry House set to air on the 25th an 26th.

Last December, Minah had been involved in a minor accident on set, injuring her pinkie toe and tearing her ankle’s ligament during recording while walking down the stairs. Since then, she temporarily withdrew from Merry House recordings with only limited appearances as Girls’ Day in following award shows.

An official further revealed an update on Minah’s current condition, saying that she had no problems during the recording and had completely recovered.

SBS’ Eco Village – Merry House is an entertainment program that features BTOB‘s Minhyuk, Kim Byung Man, Lee Jae Ryong, Song Chang Ui, Jung Kyeo Un, and Jang Dong Min.

Source: Star News