Girl’s Day’s Minah shares past dreams of becoming a pastry chef

“Bbang Minah” of Girl’s Day will be starring in an upcoming episode of Mnet‘s Naked 4show where she reveals her previous dreams before becoming a singer.

Set to air on the 31st, Minah shares her love for bread and revealed the bread gifts that her fans had given her. Eating without pause, she begins to devour the bread.

She says, “Sometimes I don’t eat rice all week. I only eat bread and pastries.”

Minah further adds that she had once dreamed of becoming a pastry chef due to her love for baked goods.

The Girl’s Day member will star in Naked 4show‘s second season, which explores the lives of a celebrity in a unique interview and invites close friends as commentators, and is set to air on June 31st.

Source: Ilgan Sports