Girls’ Generation Becomes The Second Girl Group In World History To Sell 100 Million Records

Another record in the bag for the nation’s girl group.

Girls’ Generation has hit over 100 million digital and physical record sales, making them the second girl group in the world to achieve this feat!

Digital sales make up the majority of Girls’ Generation’s sales, accounting for around 92 million of the figure. The other 8 million is made up of physical album sales. And, as if the record isn’t impressive enough, this figure doesn’t even include all of Girls’ Generations sales in China.

The sales figure includes records released by the entire group as well as Girls’ Generation subunits and member solos.

This makes Girls’ Generation the first and only Korean girl group to achieve such an incredible feat. The group is also the second Korean act overall to surpass 100 million records sold. The first was BIGBANG.

Even more remarkably, Girls’ Generation is the second girl group in world history to hit the record. The only other girl group with over 100 million record sales is The Supremes.

Of course, this isn’t the first record achievement Girls’ Generation has smashed. They’ve been breaking and setting records for albums sales, tour revenue, streams and more since debut.

The group even made it into the Guinness World Records in 2018, ranking on the ‘Most Awards Won’ list for snagging a staggering 13 trophies at the MelOn Music Awards.

Girls' Generation