Girls’ Generation Celebrate Their 11 Year Anniversary With Touching Messages For SONE

11 years together, many more in the future.

Girls’ Generation have just celebrated their 11 year anniversary and while only 5 of the members are still signed with SM Entertainment, the members continue to prove that they will all still be part of the group forever, no matter which agency they are signed to.


Seohyun posted a video of her re watching a clip of their performance of “Kissing You” from a recent concert, and attached a message for SONE around the world.

“Girls’ Generation 11th anniversary. Happy 11th anniversary! Even though we are far apart, if we dream the same dream with as if we share one heart, as time passes, even if our visuals change a bit, I want to dream forever with you, SONE who gave me trust… As time passes, I want to dream with you forever. I am always thankful and I love you all.. #0805 #GG11thAnniversary #GirlsGeneration11thAnniversary #11YearsWithGirlsGeneration #GGForever #ThankYouSONE”

— Seohyun


Sooyoung posted a video on her agency Echo Global Group‘s YouTube channel showing a compilation of her activities in 2018 and added her own handwritten thank you at the end of the video.

“2018 will truly be a special year for me since I could meet everyone at ‘Sooyoung’s Photo Exhibition’ and my ‘Thailand Fan Meeting’. Every single second, there are precious moments that I can remember. In the future, I look forward to the many times we will be able to meet each other again. More than 11 years, let’s be together for 111 years. I love you SONE.”

— Sooyoung


Tiffany kept things nice and simple, celebrating with videos of the group.


The five members currently signed with SM Entertainment, Yuri, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, and Yoona, all also shared their thoughts on the group’s 11 year anniversary in a video released by SM.

“We’ve received some fan letters that are really touching. Some of them say ‘I used to be in elementary school but now I’ve got a job.’ When I read those letters, I get really moved and touched.”

— Yuri

“We’re in the generation where people live to be 100. Let’s celebrate our 100 year anniversary too!”

— Sunny

“Our fans who are still with us for the past 11 years, supporting us since our debut. It’s a precious bond we share.”

— Taeyeon

“11 years is such a long time. Spending that long time together is so meaningful, we can’t help loving each other.”

— Hyoyeon

“10 years together was hard to believe and 11 years is even harder! I don’t know where the time went but I hope we can continue to spend time together in the future for a long time.”

— Yoona

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