Girls’ Generation And Heechul Tried To Learn Red Velvet’s “Power Up” Dance And This Happened

They took on the “Wavy Dance”!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi went around backstage at an SM concert to teach her senior labelmates the new “Power Up” dance called the “Wavy Dance”!


She first ran into Super Junior‘s Heechul who quickly learned the dance, but had a hilariously difficult time making it look as good as Seulgi!

“Aren’t I good at this? It’s only that I can’t dance well, but I remember dances quickly.”

— Heechul


Seulgi then began teaching Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, who was soon joined in by Hyoyeon. Needless to say, the three girls rocked it out like a special unit girl group!


Lastly, Seulgi taught the dance to Yoona who literally mastered the dance so quickly that it took Seulgi by surprise! But what else do you expect from Girls’ Generation?

“I’m Girls’ Generation!”

— Yoona


Seulgi concluded her special “Wavy Dance” series by posting an adorable behind the scenes footage with Wendy!


The “Wave Dance” is definitely going to be a hot trend this season!

Red Velvet