Girls’ Generation Open Up About Their Emotions During Their Hiatus, Proving That Absence Makes The Heart Fonder

Their love for each other only continues to grow.

On Soshi Tamtam, Girls’ Generation reflected on their hiatus, sharing the emotions they felt during that time. For the ten years before their hiatus, they ran at full speed, barely resting and devoting their all to the group and their fans.


So after running for so long and only focusing on the group as a whole, the hiatus was a way for the members to finally pay attention to themselves. For Tiffany, the five years of hiatus were a time for her to find the balance between herself and Girls’ Generation, exploring the music she wanted to do and discovering who she was as an individual, all while reflecting on the impact Girls’ Generation had on her life.

Her thought process during the hiatus was that by the time Girls’ Generation reunited, she would be able to bring a more mature version of herself.

Truthfully, the hiatus was a much-needed break for the girls. Constantly putting your job and others before yourself, even if you love them the most, is straining, both physically and mentally. Sunny shared that back then, they would do anything for work, even if it meant wearing short shorts at a ski resort.

Girls’ Generation’s motto is something like, ‘Whether it’s porridge or rice, whether it’s snowing or raining (we can do it).’

— Tiffany

While Girls’ Generation’s mindset isn’t wrong (it’s a perfect way to summarize their devotion and hard work), there’s a balance needed between work and rest. And while five years is quite long and doubts naturally arose, as soon as the girls reunited, they realized that there was a purpose to everything.

Thanks to those five years apart, each member was able to heal and grow, and they were also able to understand just how deep their love for each other was. They’ve come to a point in their friendship where they’re grateful just to be a part of Girls’ Generation. What matters most isn’t accomplishments, but each other.

Of course, their emotions during their time apart weren’t all positive. Hyoyeon shared that in the beginning, when they were all finding their own way, she felt like she had lost something.

After being with each other constantly for ten years, emptiness would inevitably weigh heavily on the girls. Although they grew from the hiatus, there’s a reason why the girls were desperate to reunite.

After five years of paving their own paths, matching schedules proved difficult. Still, Girls’ Generation didn’t let that stand in their way and fought hard to make time for their comeback.

Whether it be another five, ten, or even twenty years in the future, one truth remains: Girls’ Generation is forever, and they’ll fight tooth and nail to make sure that stays true.

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