Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Reveals How She Lost Confidence After Debut And How She Built It Back Up

Here’s how she regained her confidence stronger than ever!

At first glance, Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon‘s bright and tough personality may make you think that she has high confidence in herself, but that wasn’t the case.


It’s true that before her debut, Hyoyeon was the same optimistic, bright girl. But she revealed on Secret Unnie that her confidence dropped dramatically after a few years after her debut.

“Just by looking at the article, you see that I had so much confidence. It made me think about how hard I worked to debut.

It saddens me to see articles that came out 2~4 years after my debut, describing how I lacked confidence and had a lot of worries on my mind.”

— Hyoyeon


She shed tears as she looked back on the Hyoyeon who blocked out the hardship, which ultimately decreased her confidence.

“Back then, I tired to not think about the hardships. I would forget about it as time passed, and I believed you only had to work hard at that moment in time.

But looking back at myself trying to ignore the hardships makes me sad.”

— Hyoyeon


In a recent interview, Hyoyeon revealed that she was able to regain her confidence as she continued to learn and grow as a member of Girls’ Generation! Now, she simply enjoys sharing who she really is without worrying about what others would think.

“As time passed, I felt less burdened by the public’s interest. It became fun to show who I was and share what I loved. In contrast, I realized that I need to live a better life.”

— Hyoyeon


She was able to regain her confidence stronger than ever thanks to the years she devoted to debuting. She remembered how hard she worked to debut and promote as a member of Girls’ Generation for over a decade.

“I was able to continue working without stopping was because I trained for 7 years. Through those years, I only focused on myself and that helped build my 10 year career as Girls’ Generation.”

— Hyoyeon


Now that Hyoyeon’s regained her confidence and has a better understanding of who she is as a person, she’s more than excited to continue sharing what she loves through her various promotions as a DJ, singer, and role model!

“It was a long journey to find my character. Everyone knows me as the good dancer and tough personality of Girls’ Generation, but I wanted people to see a person named Hyoyeon.

The feedback I’ve received after promoting as a DJ helped me become a person with more depth.”

— Hyoyeon


Watch Hyoyeon open up about her confidence as an idol below:

Source: Osen

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