Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Reveals Their Song “Into The New World” Hadn’t Been Meant For Them At All

This iconic debut song could have ended up as another group’s song!

Girls’ Generation debuted in 2007 with their debut song “Into The New World”, and the song is a fan-favorite, even today!

Girls’ Generation in 2007

Given how iconic it is, it’s hard to imagine anyone except Girls’ Generation making their debut with this song, but Hyoyeon recently revealed that this song could have gone to anyone in their company, for this one particular reason!

Hyoyeon | @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

In a recent episode of IDDP, Hyoyeon read tons of comments from fans, where they reminisced about Girls’ Generation’s debut 14 years ago! The comments included,

  • “Girls’ Generation is becoming memories from back in my school days. Why do I feel so emotional whenever I remember those days?”
  • “Whenever I wonder if I’m giving my best and feel that I’m lazy, I listen to ‘Into The New World’ again. Doing that makes me look back and get motivated.”
  • “The best song in girl group history.”

As she read the comments, Hyoyeon then revealed a new fact about “Into The New World”! Fans know that the group practiced the song for one whole year, but she revealed that this iconic debut song could have very well gone to another group because it was written 7 years before they even debuted!

It’s so interesting. Just like how each piece of clothing has an owner for it, I heard this song was written 7 years before we debuted.


She revealed that this song could have been part of the discography of tons of groups active in their label, such as S.E.S, The Grace, M.I.L.K, and Shinvi, but as fate would have it, the song got shelved for 7 years, until Girls’ Generation came along!

There were many seniors who were active before us—S.E.S., The Grace, M.I.L.K, Shinvi…after all of that…[it came to us].


Thank goodness the song was saved for them, because SONEs cannot imagine another debut song so iconic!

| @GirlsGeneration/Twitter

Hyoyeon made her latest comeback with the song “Second” ft. BIBI!

And you can watch her talk about “Into The New World” here!

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