Girls Generation’s Hyoyeon Opens Up About Her Solo Career And How Her Group’s Peak Period Has Passed

Girls Generation’s peak period may be over, but there’s no denying their impact!

Girls Generation‘s Hyoyeon continues to build her legacy as a musician!

On December 16, Hyoyeon sat down for an interview with The Strait Times, and opened up about her new solo career as a DJ!


Under the new stage name DJ Hyo, she has been promoting as a DJ and participating in music festivals and night clubs; and named Singapore as a job-favorite to visit! Along with the music event Legacy Festival, Hyoyeon has played in 2 more nightclubs; Zouk and Ce La Vie, and really enjoyed the reception of her music by the crowd in Singapore!


They’re very reactive and attentive—they will sing along to the songs, even if there’s a change in music.



She then talks about how the rest of her members embarked on their own solo journeys—like her, some took to solo music while others took up acting careers! But she elaborates on how she wanted her approach to music to be different, more unconventional. She also revealed how the idea of becoming a DJ was inspired by her original love for dancing!


I have no interest in acting. I was always more drawn to music, but singing is the regular path idols take and I wanted to challenge myself to do something unconventional.

I danced for a long time, and thats very related to music. And I wanted to learn more about the music I dance to, and I found it to be a very dynamic genre.




The Strait Times interview then wrapped up with Hyoyeon opening up about how even though the peak period for Girls Generation is over, she still shares a lot of love with her members, as well as with her fans!


They [the members] told me that it [being a DJ] really suits me and encourage me to do it more.

The peak period for Girls Generation is over. But I continue to feel the love and support from my fans on social media. And I’m really glad for that.



Hyoyeon has been active as DJ Hyo since April of 2018, and debuted as a DJ with the track “Sober”. Her latest release as a DJ was on July 20, 2019, with the song “Badster”.

Check out the MV here!

Source: The Strait Times

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