Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Talks About When The Group Will Reunite And Promote Together

Could this be Hyoyeon’s hint for the fans to be on the lookout?

On a recent episode of Where Is Mr. Kim Season 2, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon mentioned the possibility of the group reuniting and promoting together!

Where Is Mr. Kim is a TV series that invites celebrities on to the show to guess which no-name actor is pretending to be a part of the panel. On the first episode of the second season, Hyoyeon appeared and had to tell apart who is pretending to be a journalist.


When one of the panels asked Hyoyeon about the future plans for the group Girls’ Generation, Hyoyeon answered, “We agreed to come together again whenever we all wish.”


Then she added, “At the moment, the members are supporting each other’s new careers and endeavors.”


Hyoyeon said Girls’ Generation talked about getting back together for a meaningful date, like their 11th, 12th, or 13th year anniversary.

Girls’ Generation debuted in August 2007. Their 11th anniversary would be this August, 2018.


Based on Hyoyeon’s response, the panels created sample headlines. One read “Hyoyeon Shaken While Stating Girls’ Generation Will Come Together Someday” and while other guests questioned the “shaken” part, Hyoyeon claimed it’s true because she felt very cautious answering.


Watch the full clip here:

Source: TV Daily

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