Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Reveals How Her Iconic TikTok With Lee Soo Man Happened

This is Photoshopped, right?

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon recently made an iconic summer comeback with her song “Second (Feat. 비비 (BIBI))”.

“Second (Feat. 비비 (BIBI))” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

Not only is the song popular but her #SecondChallenge has been making major waves on TikTok with the SM Entertainment family all joining in. So far, we’ve seen aespa:


우리회사의 미래 에스파파 아니죠 에스파죠💫#SecondChallenge #세컨드챌린지 #aespa #에스파 #hyo #효연

♬ Second – HYO

TiffanySooyoung, and Yuri of Girls’ Generation:


#SecondChallenge with 멤버들!!! #gg #수영 #유리 #티파니 #hyo 끼야아악!!!!!!!!!!!❤️‍🔥

♬ Second – HYO

And TenYangyang, and Kun of WayV all join in to support Hyoyeon.


🤍,🤍 #SecondChallenge with @official_wayv #ten #yangyang #kun #hyo

♬ Second – HYO

Most iconically, Hyoyeon was able to get the founder of SM, Lee Soo Man, to participate in on one of her first attempts at the challenge. The video is her most popular of the bunch, currently sitting at over 6.1 Million views.


우리 대장❤️ 광야 좌표좀📍#사랑해요이수만#미안해요이수만돌아와요이수만

♬ Second – HYO

During her recent behind-the-scenes update on her “Second” promotions, Hyoyeon revealed just how this legendary video came to be.

For #SecondChallenge, I was thinking about what I could do. So, I suggested that we ask Mr. Lee a favor. It was my idea. Even if he says no, we said we’ll say ‘Oh, that’s fine.’ So, I said I’ll give him a call. Then, he gladly said he’ll help. So, we uploaded a video together.


Hyoyeon then went on to share that the response had been phenomenal “because how else in the world would you see him on TikTok?”

“We got such a great response because how else in the world would you see him on TikTok?” | GIRLS’ GENERATION/YouTube 

She even revealed that Super Junior‘s Yesung was so shocked by the appearance that asked “This is Photoshopped, right?”

“Yesung was like, ‘This is Photoshopped, right?’ It must’ve looked like we were in two separate spaces.” | GIRLS’ GENERATION/YouTube 

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