Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Reveals What Made Her Want A Career As A DJ

This career seems to be a perfect fit for Hyoyeon!

As a member of Girls’ Generation, Hyoyeon has shown her immense talent in singing, dancing, and rapping, and when it came to her solo activities, showed a new side of herself to her fans as a DJ!

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Hyoyeon recently guested on Super Junior Eunhyuk and Donghae‘s radio show, where they talked about her long career as a Girls’ Generation member, and also her new solo career as a DJ!

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About choosing to become a DJ, Eunhyuk asked her why she chose that, instead of anything else in the entertainment field.

How did you start DJ-ing?


Hyoyeon revealed that she began to look at DJ-ing as a career because she wanted to combine and share the wide range of music she listened to as a dancer, and what started as a hobby ultimately led to a solo career!

For DJ-ing…because I danced before, the music I listened to has a broader spectrum, genre-wise. I wanted to share the songs I like; I wanted to do mixing. I was learning it as a hobby myself, and I heard from other people that I know a lot of songs, that I know the flow well.

So because I kept hearing that I’m good, as I learned more, it felt like…it was mine.


She also revealed that she then approached the agency about becoming a DJ, sending tons of texts to make her case!

I wanted to do it! So I appealed a lot to the teacher…I remember that. I really sent an explosion of texts. That I wanted to change entirely to a DJ.


And that persuasion paid off, as Hyoyeon’s now enjoying her passion successfully!

Hyoyeon made her solo comeback with the song “Second” ft. BIBI. Don’t forget to check it out here!

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