Girls’ Generation members adorably show their support for Yoona’s movie debut

The members of Girls’ Generation showed their unending support for their fellow group member Yoona at her debut film premiere. Despite their busy schedules, Sunny, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Hyoyeon, Yuri and Tiffany all came together to cheer on Yoona for the premiere of her movie, Confidential Assignment.

As this was Yoona’s first time starring on the big screen, the girls were extra encouraging by giving her a lot of support both at the premiere and on SNS.

Sooyoung posted a quick video of herself and the other 6 members cheering on Yoona. The girls chanted “Yoona fighting! Confidential Assignment fighting!”

Tiffany uploaded a video onto her Instagram Story, showing how loudly they cheered on Yoona when she introduced herself. The girls’ cheering caused quite a few stares so Yoona had to explain that “her unnies came.”

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Both Yuri and Seohyun uploaded this group picture featuring actor Yoon Haejin onto their Instagrams, to support the movie and encourage Yoona.

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Sunny uploaded a video of the girls joking around backstage after the premier. When Hyoyeon then asked if the movie was rated for ages over 15 or 19, Sunny answered for Yoona by saying “It’s 19” in a sexy manner, causing everyone to laugh.

Hyoyeon uploaded a video of the girls with Yoona as they give out a message of support to Confidential Assignment as well as Yoona, though Yoona seems a bit shy for the support.

Check out the girls as they deliver the official support message to Yoona and the movie on the red carpet!