Girls’ Generation’s New Twitter Bio Is Confident AF, Causing Netizens To React

Girls’ Generation makes an iconic claim ahead of their comeback.

Girls’ Generation‘s long-awaited comeback is quickly approaching, and it couldn’t come quickly enough for fans.

Girls’ Generation’s new teaser for their August 8 comeback | @girlsgeneration/Twitter

The legendary second-generation group will make their comeback with their seventh studio album, Forever1, after a five-year hiatus.

In celebration of their anniversary and reunion, the eight members are getting fans ready for their return through their own variety show, Soshi TamTam, which airs from July 5 to August 23, with new episodes being released every Tuesday KST.

Promotional poster for “Soshi TamTam” | @girlsgeneration/Twitter

In the show’s first episode, the members took a trip down memory lane as they looked back on their greatest hits, and fans loved seeing the group back together.

Girls’ Generation has made some amazing memories together as a leading second-generation group and has broken some incredible records. In 2020, the group became the second girl group in the world to record over 100 million digital and physical record sales. The only other girl group that achieved this accomplishment was the legendary American group, The Supremes.

The Supremes | Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Girls’ Generation also set the Guinness World Records in 2018 for ‘Most Awards Won’ for the 13 trophies they’ve been awarded at the MelOn Music Awards.

To this day, they have the fourth most music show wins of any K-Pop act, with 98 total wins.

(From left to right) Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, Sooyoung, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, Sunny, and Seohyun | Kpopping

Girls’ Generation’s last release was with their sixth studio album, Holiday Night, in 2017, meaning a whole new generation of K-Pop artists debuted since their last comeback, with the fourth generation roughly beginning in 2018.

With a new generation of K-Pop fans who may not be familiar with the celebrated group, Girls’ Generation is leaving no doubt about their legendary status. They proved that with their latest Twitter bio update today, where they confidently introduced themselves as the “No. 1 girl group, Girls’ Generation!

Girls’ Generation’s updated Twitter bio

The caption change went viral as netizens responded to their statement, agreeing that calling them the “number one” group feels only natural after all they have accomplished and continue to accomplish as a group and in their individual promotions.

Over 130 netizens weighed in, with an overwhelmingly positive response.

Netizen reaction to Girls’ Generation’s updated Twitter bio | theqoo
  • 103. Wow. It feels so natural and not weird at all that they put “No. 1” in their bio.
  • 107. Yes, number one! WHERE IS THE LIE T-T
  • 116. What a huge flex, really. Girls’ Generation is the only group who can call themselves “No. 1″ like this.

With their confident claim stirring up exciting responses for their comeback, it seems their new album will be one you won’t want to miss.

Check out Girls’ Generation’s history below to see how they became a top girl group!

Source: theqoo

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