Girls’ Generation Open Up On Why Their Debut Song “Into The New World” Holds So Much Significance For Them

This song is the anthem of their lives.

On Girls’ Generation‘s comeback day this year, the staff of Soshi Tamtam surprised the girls with a video commemorating their 15th anniversary.


Korea’s top lyricist Kim Eana sent a congratulatory message to the girls during the video and commented on how Girls’ Generation’s debut song “Into the New World” was the song that suited the girls best. Full of hope and a declaration to persist no matter what comes their way, the song perfectly describes the girls’ journey in the music world.

Tiffany shared that to her, their debut song was the most meaningful because the lyrics have become her life philosophy.

I think they’re my life’s lyrics that I’ll remember for a long time. It was a song with our dreams, hope, and energy.

Yoona shared that everything about Girls’ Generation was encompassed in “Into the New World.” Right from the start, the girls knew they would face many trials on their journey to the top, but their belief in each other gave them the strength and hope to persist. This song helped the girls find their color, laying down the foundations for them to become legendary artists.

Along with “Into the New World,” Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” had a significant impact in defining who they were and asserting their position in the music world. Renowned music critic Lim Jin Mo spoke on the group’s legacy that made K-Pop what it is today.

Setting countless records, Girls’ Generation broke down every barrier against them, turning the K-Pop scene previously dominated by boy groups into a world ruled by girls.

And one of the greatest impacts they had on the K-Pop industry was that they were the group to make idol music popular with everyone, regardless of age, gender, or nationality.

In a sense, it’s hard to talk about global expansion without Girls’ Generation.

— Lim Jin Mo

His words are a testament to Girls’ Generation’s power because when they debuted, the group faced heavy prejudice just for being girls. However, like the declaration of their debut song, Girls’ Generation overcame the discrimination with their talent, hard work, and belief in each other. They completely transformed the K-Pop world, making it an industry where girl groups are now just as appreciated as boy groups.

Girls’ Generation will forever be legendary, and no matter what lies in their future, with the love and support of each other and SONEs, Girls’ Generation will be able to overcome anything.