Girls’ Generation’s “Padded Jacket” Debate Turns Into Complete Chaos

Taeyeon and Tiffany couldn’t handle Yoona.

On Girls’ Generation‘s reality show Soshi Tam Tam, the girls revealed their stance on the padded jacket debate that quickly turned into a chaotic yet hilarious shouting match.

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Before Sunny could finish the explanation of what the padded jacket debate was about, Yoona couldn’t wait to share her opinion on the matter.

It’s a very cold winter day, and she’s having trouble zipping up the padded jacket. So your boyfriend helps her zip up the jacket…

— Sunny

They burst into laughter as Yoona passionately shouted, “No way!

To prove there was no debate on the matter, Yoona slapped the arm of her seat and shouted, “No!” Even Tiffany had to agree, “How is that okay…?

Sunny gave one example where it would be okay for a boyfriend to do so—without offending the girlfriend but still helping the friend. Their reactions caused Sooyoung to mention another debate that earned a similar reaction.

If she’s about to freeze to death, then he can help her hook up the zipper. Only until five centimeters.

— Sunny

Sooyoung asked, “How about shoe laces?” This time, Sunny reacted just as passionately as Yoona did. Grabbing her water bottle as if preparing for battle, Sunny screamed, “Why?

Yoona slapped her seat once more as she screamed a firm, “Why?” with Sunny and a few others. They didn’t see any reason why a boyfriend would need to tie a friend’s shoe laces.

Watch Yoona and Sunny make everyone laugh with their heated passion against the popular debate topics.

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