Girls’ Generation Has Mixed Opinions About The “Perilla Leaf” Debate

The members had strong thoughts about whether it was okay.

Ahead of their fifteenth anniversary, Girls’ Generation reunited for the reality show Soshi Tam Tam and kicked it off with a familiar debate that hilariously divided the members.

Sunny, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, Taeyeon, Yuri, and Tiffany. | @jtbc.insta/Instagram

Since they had a long ride to their destination, they passed the time with popular debates that took the internet by storm, with Yuri suggesting the perilla leaf debate. When it came to a boyfriend helping a friend separate perilla leaves, the girls had mixed opinions on whether they would allow it.

With a shocked face, Taeyeon responded, “Does that upset you? I’m totally fine with it.” She wasn’t alone in thinking it wasn’t something to get angry over.

Hyoyeon agreed with Taeyeon, “I’m fine with that as well.Yoona also agreed and explained the proper way to handle it.

I think holding a leaf is fine. I think I’d help as well.

— Yoona

Like Yoona, Yuri didn’t think it was generally a big deal unless the circumstances changed. Yuri warned, “I’d do it too, but it depends on the situation.” There were a couple members who were absolutely against it, though.

While everyone tried to dive deeper into the scenario, Sunny had already made up her mind by firmly saying, “I don’t like it.” There was someone who agreed.

Despite supporting the idea earlier, Hyoyeon made them laugh by changing her mind after thinking about it more.

Not me. I don’t like it. I can’t let that happen.

— Hyoyeon

See five of the members share their thoughts on the hotly debated perilla leaf topic here.

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