Girls’ Generation Members’ Recent Interactions Have Fans Crying With So Much Feels

They’ll be together forever!

It’s been nearly one and a half years since Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun left SM Entertainment. Since then, the Girls’ Generation members have each focused on their individual careers.

Although they may be spending less time together, a recent mini-reunion brought feels to all SONEs.


Sooyoung held a premiere for her latest movie, “Memories Of A Dead End”. Although all of the members are busy with their hectic schedules, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, and Tiffany made time to support Sooyoung at her special event!


The members uploaded group photos of each other with the hashtag “#GG4EVA”, which is widely used between the fans to indicate that Girls’ Generation will last forever!


The mini-reunion brought fans to tears as it’s been so long since so many of the members were able to gather together!


Although Sunny, Yoona and Yuri were missing from the photos, fans know that the bond between the girls is going strong! Yoona recently went on My Little Old Boy to say that the members always rely on each other and believe that “[they’re] all [they] have“!

“Because I have a lot of members, I never felt the need to make more friends around my age.

We experience and work the same things, so even when we’re doing something else, we always say, ‘We’re all we have.'”

 — Yoona


They always make time to support each other’s milestones. Yoona also met up with Taeyeon at her recent comeback concert!


All of this just proves that Girls’ Generation will never fall apart!

Source: Star Today

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