Girls’ Generation reveals special project for their 10 year anniversary album

The members of Girls’ Generation will be participating in a special monthly project ahead of their 10 year anniversary.

An exclusive report has detailed that Girls’ Generation members Yoona and Hyoyeon will be first, with each of the girls releasing a single, in April and May respectively. This will be part of their “monthly Girls’ Generation” project, to coincide with their 10th-anniversary album which is planned to be released in late July or early August. This means that there may also be more single releases in the months following their anniversary album.

While the members of Girls’ Generation have not done anything as a full group recently, each of the members have had huge success in their individual careers. For instance, Taeyeon and Seohyun have both released successful solo albums this year, while Yoona and Yuri have been promoting as actresses.

Fans are looking forward to seeing all of the Girls’ Generation members share one stage again, as it has been nearly 2 years since the group last promoted an album together.

Source: Sports Donga