Girl’s Generation Seohyun Collaborated With North Korean Singers, Here’s How It Happened.

Seohyun was the special guest performer at the Seoul National Haeoreum Theater with a famous North Korean orchestra ensemble.

North and South Korea made the whole world stop when they reunited on stage for an epic performance featuring Girls GenerationsSeohyun.

The Samjiyeon Band, a North Korean classical ensemble, held a special performance at the Seoul National Haeoreum Theater, and Seohyun was a surprise guest for their final stage!

The performance came amid North Korea taking part in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. In the audience was the South Korean president, Moon Jae In as well as Kim Yo Jong, the sister of the North Korean leader Kim Jung Un.

According to Seohyun’s agency, she was unable to prepare in advance because she received the invitation from the Blue House to participate on the day of the performance. They didn’t explain the situation much but said, “We would like it if you were able to come” and also requested the 2 songs, “Let’s meet together again” and “Our Wish.”

Due to the lack of time, she was only able to practice one of the songs before the performance but she absolutely nailed both of the performances!

Kwon Hyuk Ki, the Deputy Chief of Government Joint Support Team for the PyeongChang Olympics, explained that Seohyun was the singer of choice because the North Korean vocalists were all female and they wanted someone who can perform with the women within the short period of time.

They also chose Seohyun for her clean, proper image because the audience was mostly elders.

The North Korean vocalists were initially against Seohyun joining because the decision to collaborate was so given on such short notice, but with a little bit of persuasion, they were able to create a united stage that featured the two Koreas side by side together.

After their emotional performance of “Our Wish,” Seohyun hugged the North Korean performer.

Needless to say, the performance was a sensational hit, ending with the singers from both countries, South and North Korea, united on stage together and holding hands to a standing ovation.

Source: iMBC

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