Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Shares Why She Absolutely Had To Wear Yellow At The “2021 Seoul Music Awards”

It ended up being a great choice because she killed it at the event!

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung explained what led to her decision to grace the 2021 Seoul Music Awards(SMA) in her gorgeous, bright yellow dress!

On January 31, Sooyoung hosted the 2021 SMAs alongside Super Junior‘s Heechul and Shin Dong Yup, and stunned with her visuals in the yellow dress!

On her Youtube channel the sootory, Sooyoung took viewers with her as she went shopping for a dress, showing them the wide range of beautiful designs she tried on!

After trying out tons of gorgeous dresses, she ultimately settled on a floor-length, bright yellow dress that was perfectly suited to her radiant personality!

| @sooyoungchoi/Instagram

In the video, she then revealed that she had two reasons for finally settling on the yellow gown! While not initially feeling it, her first reason for picking the dress was that she was ultimately convinced by her stylist to choose it!

I chose this dress after much thought. This dress is actually…when I first tried it on, I didn’t feel it was this. My stylist said that this year’s color is “Illuminating Yellow” or something… So she thought I’d really need to wear this dress in yellow.


Sooyoung then revealed her reaction to having been told to pick the trending color!

So, I was like, “Oh? Is that so? Pretty?” and tried it on again, then it looked pretty! I think I have to wear it twice to make the right decision.

That’s why I chose yellow.


Her second reason was that she wanted to contrast and stand out against the photo wall at the event!

There’s another reason why I chose yellow. I checked the color of the photo wall, and it’s blue. So, initially, the off-shouldered blue dress… I was going to try on that dress with the pretty line.

But I can’t be one with the wall, so… I’m wearing the yellow dress! Color contrast!


Her choice was right, because she absolutely blew everyone away with her visuals!

| @sooyoungchoi/Instagram

Watch her talk about it here!

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