Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Was Asked About Jessica, Here’s How She Responsed

Sooyoung replied with class.

During an interview with Sooyoung, an interviewer brought up Jessica‘s departure from Girls’ Generation, who left the group in 2014. Jessica’s departure is one of the group’s biggest crises, as noted by the interviewer.

One of SNSD’s biggest crises after 10 years is that Jessica left the group. Was this the time when being in SNSD was difficult?

— Interviewer

Sooyoung remained calm and collected when asked the question. Though she didn’t give any specifics on how the girls felt during Jessica’s departure from the group, she decided to quote a line from the famous drama Goblin instead.

All the days we spent together are exciting days, whether it be good days, bad days, or just good enough days.

— Sooyoung

Netizens love how classy her response, saying that her responses accepts the group’s past but does not hold anything against Jessica. Many are saying that this shows that there is no hostility between the two parties and that the past should just remain in the past. Many SONEs agree that this is the most legendary response a member has given concerning Jessica’s departure.

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