Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Proves She Is A True BLACKPINK Fan, And BLINKs Can’t Get Enough

We stan supportive seniors!

When it comes to iconic girl groups in K-Pop, two always spring to mind and define the different generations of K-Pop. For second-generation idols, it has to be Girls’ Generation who were known for their pretty visuals and set a high standard of beauty for female idols.

Girls’ Generation members | @GirlsGeneration/ Twitter

For third-generation idols, fans worldwide talk about the power and success of BLACKPINK! Yet, it seems like, despite the age gap, both groups continue to be fans of each other and showcase their love and respect regularly. In particular, netizens recently noticed this about member Sooyoung!

Sooyoung recently took part in Mnet‘s show Street Woman Fighter, and she took fans with her on the journey through her YouTube channel.

During the video, fans got to see Sooyoung rehearse the dance and meet up with the dancers ahead of the performance. If that wasn’t enough, she took them with her to get ready for the performance, even revealing how nervous she was.

In particular, fans couldn’t get over Sooyoung when she was getting her makeup done and the love she shared for BLACKPINK after explaining that her makeup artist was the same person who works with the YG girl group.

This makeup artist is in charge of BLACKPINK’s makeup. So I asked her, ‘Please make me look like BLACKPINK.’

— Sooyoung

After the video was posted, BLINKs (BLACKPINK fans) and S♡NE (Girls’ Generation fans) couldn’t get enough.

However, it isn’t the first time she’s shared her love for the group. Back in 2018, Sooyoung was doing a Q&A on Instagram, and when asked what new K-Pop girl group she enjoyed listening to, she shared the BLACKPINK logo.

If that wasn’t enough, it seems like Sooyoung loves taking to social media to praise the BLACKPINK members. After member Jisoo posted a picture of herself from the magazine cover of Dazed, Sooyoung commented, “faint shake shake shake.” Although it may seem odd, Sooyoung is saying that she fainted and is “shaking/trembling” in awe because of Jisoo’s beauty.

Despite being from different generations in K-Pop, it is always nice to see senior artists supporting and showing love for their juniors! It also shows that Sooyoung and the rest of Girls’ Generation are true models as all of the members have been seen to praise BLACKPINK, including Hyoyeon, who chose Lisa as one of the best K-Pop dancers.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Thesootory