Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Shows Off The Intense Workout Routine She Uses To Achieve Her Impressively Toned Figure

Her hard work is certainly paying off!

As one of K-Pop’s legendary visuals, Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung is leaving everyone stunned after giving a good look at her impressively toned physique…and the insane workout routine she uses to achieve it.

Sooyoung | @sooyoungchoi/Instagram

Sooyoung recently guest-starred in MBC‘s reality show, The Manager (also known as Omniscient Interfering Interview), giving SONEs a good look at her day-to-day life. She showed off her gorgeously decorated apartment

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…as well as how she spends her time at the gym. Alongside her gym buddies, actresses Han Hyo Joo and Jin Seo Yeon, Sooyoung let SONEs see just how she manages to keep her perfect figure.

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For one, Sooyoung showed off her impressive back muscles. Han Hyo Joo and Jin Seo Yeon, as well as the trainers, were there to push her to her absolute limits as she went hard on some pull-ups…

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…and some kettlebell goblet squats (which, unfortunately, were not the 52kg that Han Hyo Joo and Jin Seo Yeon lifted).

Sooyoung also gave it her all at the reverse fly machine. With the trainer’s encouragement, she gave SONEs a good look at the amazingly sculpted muscles on her back.

But of course, she also showed off her flawlessly toned abs, which she worked hard for with some intense leg raises.

With such a rigorous routine, it’s no wonder that Sooyoung has such an impressive physique!

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