Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Wants Fans To Reevalute How Good Their Song “All Night” Is And Asks JaeJae For Help

“Some people say it’s not popular.”

Girls’ Generation is a legendary group with several amazing hits! While all their songs did incredibly well, Sooyoung claimed there is one song she wishes people could reevaluate once more.

During her recent YouTube video, Sooyoung took a trip down memory lane and reacted to several music videos and performances throughout her career.

As she viewed numerous iconic moments, Sooyoung landed on the group’s music video for “All Night.” While she watched the music video, Sooyoung commented, “I personally love ‘All Night,’ but some people say it’s not popular.

Because of the opinion from those who claim the song isn’t popular, Sooyoung stated that “All Night” is a song that should be taken another listen to. Sooyoung even adorably requested MC JaeJae for help in reviving the song.

‘All Night’ is a song that needs to be reevaluated. JaeJae, can you reevaluate it?

— Sooyoung

Not only does Sooyoung love their “All Night” era because of how nice the song is, but also for her stunning hair color!

Although she loved her hair in the music video, Sooyoung revealed she had to change it as she was shooting for a drama at the same time she was promoting the song.

I really liked that hair, but I couldn’t do it on stage. Because after I filmed the music video of ‘All night’,while filming a drama, I started performing in the middle. I really liked the mysterious color.

— Sooyoung

Check out the clip below:


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