Girls’ Generation Sooyoung praised by co-stars as “best actress”

In the latest episode of MBC’s Section TV, which aired on November 2nd, the program caught up with the cast and crew of hit drama, “My Spring Day”.In the episode, the producers interview Kam Woo Sungwho revealed his happiness in the drama by saying, “I think I must have been unfortunate my entire life, as I was only able to feel such happiness now.”

He continued on to praise Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung for her acting in the drama. He revealed, “I haven’t told Sooyoung this because because I didn’t want her to become overconfident, but I think her abilities as an actress is one of the best in Korea. At least out of all actresses that I’ve partnered up with so far, she is the best.”

Sooyoung also revealed how happy she was filming the drama, saying, “I was so happy that just the days passing by made me sad.”

Source: Newsen