Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Responds To Being Asked About How She Got “Prettier Everyday”

“Hmm, I wonder what made you say that?”

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung had the best response to a question about her beauty!

Sooyoung recently sat down for Allure Korea‘s Ask Allure segment on YouTube, where she answered tons of fun questions sent in by fans and subscribers!

One of the questions asked to her was by a fan, who cutely questioned how she managed to get prettier everyday!

How do you manage to look better every single day? Is there a secret?

Ever the humble queen, Sooyoung brought to attention the influence of social media, and how usually the “prettier day by day” photos that you see online, don’t always match up to what’s happening offline!

Hmm, I wonder what made you say that? We all probably upload the best-looking pictures on Instagram, so the usual me isn’t the “more beautiful everyday” kind of appearance.

I don’t look that good in the morning after I wake up.


She also spoke about her concerns with her looks, and shared what she does on the days she feels insecure about them!

There are days when I’m concerned with the bloating. Then I do massages like this; jawline, back of the neck, shoulders, like that.

And I’ve reduced the amount of makeup products I use. I think it’s much better for your skin to only apply one or two high-quality products. So I recommend reducing the amount of products you use!


From her debut 13 years ago till now, Sooyoung has always been a visual queen, and will always remain one!

Watch the whole thing here!

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