Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Reveals She Hated One Of The Group’s Most Iconic Songs

Hint: The song was released 10 years ago!

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung just released a new YouTube video in honor of the group’s 14th anniversary, and she shared lots of behind-the-scenes info with SONEs!

Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung | @sooyoungchoi/Instagram

In the video, Sooyoung revealed that she wasn’t a fan of one of Girls’ Generation’s most iconic and beloved songs when they first released it.

| the sootory/YouTube

Surprisingly, Sooyoung didn’t like Girls’ Generation’s 2011 hit, “The Boys!”

“The Boys” music video | SMTOWN/YouTube

In her new YouTube video, Sooyoung said “actually, I hated the song ‘The Boys.'”

She also explained that the song was geared toward the US market, and she wondered if American audiences would be able to like “The Boys” if she didn’t like it.

“It’s a song made for the US market, but how can they like it unless I like it?” | the sootory/YouTube

Although she didn’t like “The Boys” when it was first released, Sooyoung’s opinion has changed in the past decade!

She said she recently listened to “The Boys” again, and it was “so good!” 

Sooyoung also said she finally realized why SM Entertainment considered the song a sign that Girls’ Generation had truly made it. She said, “I understand why the company said, ‘We made it, we made it, this song is it.'”

Now, ten years after “The Boys” was released, Sooyoung fondly described “The Boys” as a song that “gave Girls’ Generation a trigger in the process of growing up.” 

Additionally, she revealed that “The Boys” paved the way for another one of Girls’ Generation’s iconic bops, “I Got A Boy.”

“I don’t think ‘I Got A Boy’ would have been able to do it without ‘The Boys.'” | the sootory/YouTube

We’re glad Sooyoung has realized how great “The Boys” is, even if the realization came 10 years later!

See the full video below.

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