Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Bares Her Sexy Physique In Rare Shots For An Underwear Ad

20+ photos to add to your Body Goals Pinterest board.

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung recently partnered up with FILA to model their latest line of women’s sportswear line featuring everything from your comfiest sweats to the sexiest yet well-supportive bras and underwear!

FILA recently dropped the looks from their photoshoot and everyone’s head turned as Sooyoung bared her toned and fit physique!

Sooyoung modeled how to workout in fashion as she bared her flat tummy with the sexiest abs!


Sooyoung showed off a completely new image to herself as she channeled her sexy charisma as well as her sexy sweetheart vibes into these shoots!

Sooyoung’s decision to bare her fit form came as a surprise as she’s well known for her usual look which is more business-like in loose-fit clothing.

But Sooyoung looks cool and confident in her new vibe as she’s become an inspiration to all who are working on getting more fit this year!

And wait a minute… you can make workout clothes look business casual?! Ever the fashionista, Sooyoung showed off ways you can mix and match these new sportswear with your casual clothes to be gym-ready even on a workday!

Sooyoung’s photoshoot was a massive success as all of her stunning photos are going viral for her beautiful visuals and fashion inspirations!

Queen Sooyoung does it again as she takes everyone’s breath away with her beauty! What other collab shoots with she work with FILA on next?!

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