Girls’ Generation Sooyoung Talks Her Relationship With Her Boyfriend And The Difficulties Of Public Dating As An Idol

The relationship was first revealed just before Girls’ Generation’s comeback

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung is currently promoting her latest movie release “Girl Cops”.

She recently sat down for an interview with Naver where she discusses her relationship with her boyfriend Jung Kyungho.

The couple have been dating for over six years! When asked about the secret to the longevity of her relationship, Sooyoung attributed this to their natural chemistry.

We both have easygoing personalities, and we don’t do things that will go wrong.

Additionally, Sooyoung says that since she is focusing on acting currently, she expressed that this has helped them both connect with each other further.

Since we work in the same field, there’s a lot that we understand about each other.

As an idol-turned actress, Sooyoung has experienced much recognition in various television roles and has recently started playing roles in film.

She expresses gratitude for her boyfriend for helping her out by giving her support and encouragement for her new role.

He’s a person who cheers on my new attempts. He looked forward to “Girl Cops” a lot. He tends to anticipate and cheer me on, more so than worrying about me. He supported me really well this time.

Especially as Jung Kyungho has been acting for more than 13 years, Sooyoung is thankful for the wealth of knowledge and advice that he can give her.

He is also my senior when it comes to acting. It’s dependable to have someone I’m comfortable with.

Although Sooyoung was clearly touched by her amazing and strong relationship, she also discussed what it was like to have her dating life revealed when she was in SM Entertainment and actively promoting as an idol.

In January 2014, it was revealed that Sooyoung had been dating Jung Kyungho for a year. The news broke out just before Girls’ Generation was set to promote “Mr, Mr”.

Sooyoung discusses how difficult it was as the members were marketed as single women and now that everyone knew she was dating, that was the only thing people would talk about during their promotions.

When our relationship first went public, it was when I was continuously promoting. Of the members, I was one of the first to have a public relationship and it wasn’t just me alone, but we were promoting as singles.

Furthermore, Sooyoung voiced her feelings about how idols have such heavy dating restrictions, even when they reach their late 20’s.

She also expressed her wishes that people would not be too bothered by idols dating. In particular, she was also disappointed that there were still people affected by her dating news.

But now I’m 30 years old. As time has passed like this, it’s not pretty to see people who are still uncomfortable. Dating is age appropriate, and it has been a long time. I don’t think it’s necessary for people to be uncomfortable.

While idols can’t please everyone, it is clear that Sooyoung has experienced much joy from her fulfilling and long-lasting relationship.

Lastly, she was asked what her future plans were in terms of her relationship. But she largely echoed what Jung Kyungho expressed several months ago.

We get asked that a lot, but we are not thinking about marriage yet.

Regardless of their decision, hopefully Sooyoung and Kyungho continue to support and love each other. They are truly right for each other.

Source: Naver

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