Girls’ Generation Is Starting Comeback Promotions

Girls’ Generation will be coming back with their official 6th studio album in August to commemorate the group’s 10th anniversary. 

It’s been a total of 2 years since Girls’ Generation promoted as a group, as their last release was “Lion Heart” in 2015.

Girls’ Generation made their debut on August 5, 2007, and to celebrate their 10th anniversary as a group, they will be holding a special fan meeting. 

“Girls’ Generation will be holding a special fan meeting on August 5, 2017 to celebrate their 10th year anniversary. The event is called “Holiday to Remember.”

— News EN (Media)


SM Entertainment hasn’t released information on when their new album will be released but industry experts believe it will be on their anniversary date, August 5.

Due to Girls’ Generation’s long hiatus, they will be very active in promotions this year and lots of variety shows will feature as guests actively. 

There are many variety shows Girls’ Generation will actively promote in but KBS’ Happy Together 3 is the only who released a public statement. 

“Girls’ Generation will be coming into the studios to record an episode on July 29. The episode will be aired around mid August.”

— Happy Together 3 Staff

Coincidentally, Girls’ Generation’s former member Jessica will also be promoting her new song during the same period as her past group and fans are happy over the possibility of Jessica meeting Girls’ Generation on shows.

The Nation’s K-Pop Queens are finally coming back and everyone from fans, the industry and especially Girls’ Generation can’t wait to come back!