Girls’ Generation Sunny’s Fool-Proof Plan On Dating Secretly As An Idol

Sunny has the answer to dating secretly successfully!

Girls’ Generation Sunny has been in the idol industry for over 10 years, and she’s seen a lot of secret relationships during her time. But she’s noticed that her juniors are making this one crucial mistake.


Sunny urges her juniors to not meet their significant other alone. It’s too “dangerous“!

“This is basic, but I find that people can’t keep themselves from meeting each other alone.

But that can be dangerous.”

— Sunny


Instead of meeting one on one, she suggests meeting with a couple of other friends to have an excuse should they get caught!

“You need to meet as a group. It’s too dangerous to meet just the two together.”

— Sunny


Ever the romanticist, Park Narae then wondered how they could ever spend quality time alone. Sunny had one simple answer – video call!

“Just video chat with each other.”

— Sunny


Although Sunny’s methods weren’t the ideal, idols can’t help but hide their relationship because of certains fans who refuse to ‘allow’ their bias to date.

“It would be easiest if the fans could be a little more understanding, but it’s easier said than done.”

— Shindong


Hopefully, one day, idols will be able to date freely and live out their lives out in the open!

Source: Hankyung

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