Girls Generation’s Sunny Shows The Friendship Between Her And T-ARA’s Hyomin Is Stronger Than Ever

The friendship between the two is warmer than ever!

The friendship between these 2nd-generation idols is still going strong!

On February 7, Girls Generation‘s Sunny uploaded a picture with T-ARA‘s Hyomin, showing them sitting together at a restaurant.

Along with the hashtags #InvincibleYouth, #PreciousFriend and #SuddenExplosionOfFeelings, Sunny captioned it,

We first met through a broadcast, but over the past 10 years, we’ve grown together, and you’ve been by my side through difficult as well as happy times. She’s a friend I’m thankful for.


Hyomin laughingly replied with,

A sappy party after a long time.


Hyomin then also uploaded photos of her and Sunny, relaying affection for her friend as well.

My Sunny, who always drinks with me when I’m lonely or having a tough time.


To which Sunny cutely replied with kiss emojis.

Invincible Youth is a show where 7 idols from girl groups get together and experience living in the rural outdoors in Korea. As Sunny and Hyomin were both on the first season of the show together in 2009, they met each other for the first time on the show, and have stayed friends ever since!

They were visibly close on the show, and fans have even dubbed the two Sunbyung, meaning “Sunny’s Folding Screen”. The name came about by making a pun with “Sunny” and Hyomin’s nickname on the show, “ByungPoong” (Folding screen).

Its great to see the love is still there!

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